About Us
Center for Green Economy: Key Support for Sustainable Development and Competitiveness Since 2023.

The Center for Green Economy was established in April 2023 at the University of Kragujevac, with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ).

By fostering collaboration and strengthening ties between the academic community and relevant stakeholders in the fields of economics, engineering, law, and ecology, the Center aims to address the real needs and challenges of the economy and industry in the realm of green transition. Furthermore, the Center seeks to provide essential knowledge and skills for the implementation of circular economy practices, carbon footprint measurement, energy management, waste management, and non-financial reporting on sustainable development. Small and medium-sized enterprises, along with large corporations, are the focal point of the Center's attention. Ultimately, through the promotion of sustainable development goals, the Center will contribute to enhancing the rule of law, equality, transparency, and competitiveness across the entire business landscape.

In addition to consulting services, the Center serves as a hub that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences among companies and individuals in the field of green economy. This involves establishing collaborations with relevant educational, professional, and other organizations specializing in disciplines related to the green economy. The Center will organize seminars, conferences, and workshops, along with a wide range of promotional activities to highlight the role and significance of green transition in achieving sustainable development goals and enhancing the competitiveness of Serbian enterprises in the global market. Furthermore, the Center will provide ongoing educational courses to support experts in circular economy through the implementation of short study programs.


The Goal
The Center aims to support companies in the green transformation process through various forms of consulting services, training, education, seminars, and workshops.
The mission of the Center is to simplify the path of green transition for both small and medium enterprises and large corporations, enabling them to operate in accordance with sustainable development goals.
The vision of the Center is to become the leading regional research and educational consulting center in the field of green economy.


We conduct ourselves responsibly towards the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to us, and we are dedicated to what we do.
Knowledge and experience are our fundamental tools in daily operations; therefore, we continuously strive to enhance the expertise of our team to ensure the delivery of high-quality services.
Integrity and Responsibility
We approach every task responsibly, with respect for and preservation of the well-being of our clients, society, and the environment. In carrying out our work, we adhere to moral values such as honesty, trust, fairness, and respect.
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